Mateusz Jarmuła

I created my brand in 2016.

I believe in art for people and I express it through avant-garde tailoring. I am a voice that will shout over the crowd faces illuminated by smartphone screens and will attract the eyes of at least one man.My projects are a critical fashion: I emphasize the strength and confidence of an individual trying to live responsibly in a world without divisions. I believe in an ethical celebration of life, according to my own principles.


Each of my collections is a conversation with my recipient. It is a visual and tangible fragment of reality that connects all the people: the problem of preserving the identity of the individual in a globalized world. At the same time, my clothes are here to pay a tribute to materials, new technologies and conscious craftsmanship. I create clothes that are ready for the future: its forms create a code that makes it easier to function in everyday life, but also allows the manifestation of the ego. This code is intended to be a sign of rationality, discouraging overproduction and excessive consumption.

Modernity is behind us – the future is happening here and now.


Search​ is the main value that guides my brand. I am on a constant, nostalgic journey in order to discover with my projects the significance of problems important for the individual. How to express myself in a collectivist world and answer the question what a rebellion in the age of conscious fashion can be?

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